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Patient Testimonials

“Adam brings such a rare treatment modality to the table, one that is filling a massive void not only in medicine as a whole, but psychiatry specifically. Mental health is often treated singularly with approaches that are exclusively pharmacological, perhaps heavily cognitive, or maybe hyper-spiritualized, depending on where or from whom you seek care. However, in his wonderfully integrated approach, Adam provides treatment that is rooted in his faith in Jesus Christ and his passion for medicine. Adam is up to date on the most current medical and pharmacological literature. He prescribes medications carefully and intentionally, yet still fully believes in God’s ability to heal. He holds unswervingly to the Word of God and acknowledges spiritual warfare faced by all Christians, yet still recognizes the biological component of mental health needing to be treated medically. He is one of the most knowledgeable yet humble and approachable healthcare providers I have ever encountered, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to positively impact his field.” 

Male, age 25

Adam is an extremely patient and caring individual that has brought a sense of calm and hope for our daughter. We are so grateful that the Lord provided Adam as the professional she needed to guide her through a diagnosis we didn’t expect, but has proven to be accurate.  His knowledge and care have been invaluable.

Mother of 22 year old female

"Although the Bible does not specifically refer to the topic of Mental Health, I have learned that in my journey through therapy that it does speak a lot about a person's emotions, mind, soul, and heart.  I struggled to receive mental help because, often in the past, primitive beliefs taught that mental problems were directly related to Satan and resulted from demonic possession. However, this is not true. It was important to me to find help through someone that believed that they would be a vessel used by God to help me through my severe depression and anxiety. This is what I found in P.A. Adam O'Neill.  I must admit that I was extremely skeptical; however, after our first session, I realized that God would use him through this season in my life. We end each of our sessions with prayer and this was a true testament of Adam's dedication to his walk with God. I continue to see Adam as he partners with the Holy Spirit to help me through my mental wellness journey. Thank you, Adam, for your yes to serve."

Female, age 55

“I am so grateful for the gift that God has given Adam O'Neill and for Adam's faithfulness in using that gift to help those in need.  This is not just a profession for him, it is a calling. I found Adam to be intelligent, compassionate and an astute listener. I appreciate his approach to psychiatry; treating the body, mind and spirit.  This led to not just healing for me, but wholeness.

 Adam listened to my story and asked pertinent questions regarding my medical and family history before formulating his diagnosis and developing a treatment plan.  I assumed that seeing a psychiatrist would just mean an array of prescription medications. I was so pleased when Adam suggested a variety of alternative methods and coping skills. It was clear that he did not have a cookie cutter approach to psychiatry.  I never felt like a "diagnosis" to him but an individual. I came away from each session with the thing I needed most......hope.”

Female, age 65

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